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The UAV is a flying object that can move along 6 axes : displacements following the 3 dimensions and the rotations on these axes. It is essential to sense the movements and to control the speed of the motors with these data. Sensors adapted to this movement are accelerometers and gyroscopes. Typically, we have to reproduce an inertial measurement unit.

Accelerometers and gyroscopes we use are provided by Sensor Dynamics. We use the following references :
  • SD777 : Gyroscope 1D (X axis) and 3D accelerometer
  • SD778 : Gyroscope 1D (Z axis) and 3D accelerometer

We expect a lot of these sensors, but for now we prefer to focus on the power board and finish it before implementing these sensors.

Below, the description of sensors (data from the website of Sensor Dynamics):

Products line card
Products Datasheet

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