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IR Transceiver

The goal of this project is to enable the use of the computer as a generic Infra-Red remote control for all the peripheral you want, or to remotely control the computer from any IR remote control.

Inspired by "Albert's FTDI IR receiver / transmitter", this module is USB connected and self powered.
Interface is based on FTDI FT232RL chip which is able to convert USB in some easy to use I/Os.

Design is very simple and the schematics is only made of the FTDI chip, a IR receiver (TSOP1738) selective at 38kHz (carrier most used in IR) a MOSFET transistor (a BSS138N is sufficient) to drive two IR LEDs.

IR transceiver schematics

PCB layout and implantation schematic
( Download PCB layout ) (Download KICAD project )

Transceiver is made to operate with LIRC (0.9 or more)

Once module is plugged, launch LIRC daemon :
sudo lircd -n -H ftdi configuration.conf

Some configuration files corresponding to your remote control are available in /usr/share/lirc/remotes/
or on lirc website http://lirc.sourceforge.net/remotes/.

To send IR command, run :
irsend SEND_ONCE remote_name touch_name

It is possible to make your own config file with
sudo irrecord -H ftdi config.conf
and follow the instructions.

Last update : January 31st 2012

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